Genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Olympic Difference

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Extra Virgin Olive oil is a term that over 68% of brands marketed as such in the US do not meet (according to a July 2010 University of California Davis Study). The olives used to make Olympic Genuine Extra Virgin  Kalamata Olive Oil are grown on small estate farms, picked early in the harvest by hand, cold washed, cold pressed within hours, this oil not only passes the strictest extra virgin tests as defined by the International Olive Oil Council, but the most important test of all, taste! 

Real Extra Virgin olive oil has acidity less than .8%, as well as other chemical requirements. The most important though, are the taste and aroma. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from olives handpicked in November or December, and carefully pressed within hours monitoring temperature to ensure the press doesn’t exceed 80 degrees faranheit.

Olympic’s Acidity is between .1% and .4%, less than half of most oils marketed as extra virgin.